Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Come Closer. I Promise I Won't Bite

Here’s Corfu after taking a bath in his water dish. Yes, he does look like the victim of an oil spill.

Now, let me ask you something:

Would you buy a used car from this bird?
How about a laptop? A cheeseburger?
Would you vote for him for public office?
Would you leave your valuables in his care?

So if, when he’s all dry and cute and fluffy looking, he presses his downy head against the bars of his cage and sweetly chirps for a head rub, would you stick your fingers in his cage and scratch him behind his invisible birdie ears?

That’s what I thought. Don’t say I didn’t try to warn you.


Rena said...

LOLOL! He's adorable! LMAO @ buying a used car or a cheeseburger from him. Would it come with fries? Too cute.


Kim Kasch said...

Very cute.

Carrie Harris said...

Are you kidding? I'd vote for him for president! He's THAT cute.

adrienne said...

You guys crack me up. Corfu says thanks, and gimme pizza.