Friday, August 29, 2008


I love that note Christopher Robin leaves for his friends when he goes off to school - GON OUT, BACKSON, BISY, BACKSON.

Inspired by a request from Susan Sandmore. I’m re-reading my favorite kids book, House at Pooh Corner. Susan’s taken it upon herself to create an everything-you-should-know-about-children’s-literature quiz for kid’s writers (and anyone who considers themselves a pro in the field). She’s recruiting volunteers to come up with questions, and that’s why I’m getting reacquainted with Pooh and friends. I realized I’ll be challenged to come up with questions that can’t be answered by watching the Disney movie.

It’s great timing, too. No matter how big my kids get, whenever they go back to school I feel just like Pooh does when Christopher Robin starts disappearing every morning.

You can read about Susan’s Kid Lit challenge here.

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