Monday, August 4, 2008

Blurry Dog Update

Things Luna’s learned in just three weeks: come, sit, stay, down, heel, out (as in, spit it out), off, get it, and leave it. She’s learned them - still working on obeying them.

Other things we’re still working on: Chewing all those delightful and pricey chew toys - only. And peeing outside - only.

We have lots more flies in the house, probably from leaving the back door open too much. Luna sees this as an activity and a snack (as much fun to chase as they are to eat).

We have a lot less crumbs on the floor. Virtually none.

A fun greyhound fact, and why we further suspect she is part greyhound: she sleeps in the ‘cockroach’ position (on back with feet in air), apparently a quirk of that breed.

My car smells like dog puppy puke. It seems Luna is prone to car sickness. Still, I realized the other day that this is not as bad as how the car smells the day after I bring home MacDonald’s.

Luna’s view: The treats are pretty good, I’ll give them that much. But these guys sure are bossy.

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