Thursday, August 14, 2008

Go Ahead - Make a Mistake

Would you sign up for a workshop that had no name and only the vaguest of descriptions?

For years designer Laurie Rosenwald has conducted a popular workshop geared toward unleashing creativity. Originally untitled, it’s known as How To Make Mistakes on Purpose. She tries not to divulge any information about the lessons so participants come without preconceptions.

While fishing around for some ideas to loosen up in my artwork, I stumbled upon this fifteen-minute video clip of Rosenwald speaking about the workshop and her own work habits at a 2005 Gel Conference. It’s a bit of a spoiler for her workshop and no match for hands-on experience, but I found the talk amusing and inspiring enough to coax me away from comfort zones and experiment a little more in writing and painting.

Rosenwald made her debut into children’s writing last year with her picture book, And To Name But Just A Few: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, a vibrant introduction to the impact color has upon our lives.

Maybe today I’ll try something new, and try not to be afraid of making a mistake. And if I do, I'll just say I meant to do that.

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