Friday, April 22, 2011


Here I go tossing out a crumb, in the hope that anyone might wander over here. I just got back from a short trip where I was reminded of a visit years ago to my parents’ house in New York.

My dad had just returned from the grocery store. If my mom had done the shopping, the bags would’ve cradled items like gourmet dried salami and Kalamata olives. My Dad usually came bearing things like a drum of mayonnaise and multiple packs of Oscar Meyer bologna. But one thing my parents shared was a craving for Entenmann’s baked goods.

This time, my Dad reported, he approached the bakery aisle to hear two women arguing over the dessert items. Finally the older woman declared, in her thick Long Island-y accent,

“We’d beddah get a crumb cake for a BACK-up!”

I don’t know why, but we found the idea of a backup crumb cake absolutely brilliant.

There’s dessert, and then there’s backup dessert.

Oh yeah.

Now that I think of it, that might have been the summer I coined the term “breakfast dessert.” As in: “That was a delicious cheese omelet. What’s for breakfast dessert?”

And while I’m on the subject of desserts, here’s an Illustrator drawing I finished recently:

It was one of four pieces of mine that my teacher chose to include in the student art show. One of my other illustrations won an award (and fifty bucks). Yay for me! I think I deserve a piece of pie.