Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thirty-Something Not Too Sappy Things to be Thankful For

The smell of brown sugar
Hot and cold running water
The sound of scissors cutting through construction paper
Shoes that don’t pinch
Funny movies
Toasted marshmallows
Yellow trees against blue sky
The crack of a baseball bat hitting a ball
The feel of dog and cat chins
The crack of a spoon hitting a crème brulee
A bed to sleep in
New crayons
A hammer
Taking longer than 6 seconds to put $20 of gas in tank
Really good hand lotion
Someone who watches your favorite TV show with you
Funny kids
Clever riddles
Once in a while finding money in a pants pocket
Double yellow lines down the middle of the road
Light switches
Warm socks
Citrus fruit
A friend who gets you



Rena said...

Great post! :)

Happy Thanksgiving, Adrienne.

Kelly said...

We do have so many blessings!

Happy Thanksgiving, Adrienne!!

Kim Kasch said...

I love this list. Love the shoes that don't pinch - I haven't worn those in years - guess that's one of the advantageous of being married for years.

The gas not taking 6 seconds or costing me $100 to fill up by Expedition.

The Yellow tree against the blue sky - so many wonderful things to remember.

Happy Turkey Day! And, if you're a vegetarian: Happy Tofu..rkey Day!

Suzie said...

Im not a fan of mouthwash myself but I get the point. Nice post

Brenda said...

Great the yellow trees against blue sky...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Carrie Harris said...

Fabulous post. The shoes and gas are definitely on my list too. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

C.R. Evers said...

love your list!

I hope your T-day was a great one!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

AWESOME list--especially someone who watches your favorite TV show with you. I like that one.

LW said...

Wonderful list....

Finding money in a pocket almost makes it fun to do the laundry.
But silly me, I always give it back to my kids, because I always get a hug.


keri mikulski :) said...

Love this list. :)

sruble said...

Great list! I am thankful for those things too :)