Monday, November 10, 2008

Loads of Thanks

Thanksgiving is coming, and I realized I’m thankful for several things that all have to do with clean clothes.

The other day I spotted something I haven’t seen in a long time. If I hadn’t been the one to unearth it, I might not have recognized it at all. Does this object look familiar:

It’s an empty laundry basket! Woo-hoo! I got so excited when I saw it I ran to get the camera. I knew it would disappear like a comet, and it could be years (maybe a decade even) before I laid eyes on it again.

This rare event made me think how thankful I am that the little apartment-sized stacking washer/dryer we bought 14 years ago is miraculously still going! It was the only thing that would fit in the shoebox of a cottage we lived in when my daughter was born. As much as I enjoyed seeing those Styrofoam peanut-sized baby socks hanging from the clothesline, we were relieved to have a dryer of any size.

I’m thankful for the repairmen who’ve taken pity on me over the years and somehow magically held the thing together with paper clips and super glue. I’m even thankful for the one who scolded me (and all American women) for cramming it way too full with every single load. How else could I possibly hope to ever see the bottom on the laundry basket? I’m thankful for the last repairman, who told us it was safe to keep using it even though the dryer now makes a sound like we’re torturing guinea pigs in the garage.

I’m really thankful that none of our neighbors have complained or called the SPCA or even suspected foul play. Only one woman asked what those ear-splitting death screams were, and she didn’t even raise an eyebrow. You have to appreciate a neighbor who doesn’t turn you in to the Homeowner’s Association even when she has to live next door to the sound of screaming banshees.

Yep, even though shrieking to be put out of its misery, Good Ol’ Stacky keeps on spewing out loads of clean clothes. And I’m very thankful for clean clothes, even if they never, EVER get put away.


LW said...

I read this and laughed as I sat and listen to the hum of my washer going this morning…
I got a new washer last Christmas after 24 years….
I watched out of the window as they rolled away my gold colored long time friend that just stopped one day and refused to go again. She said she had enough after thousands of wash loads; it was time for her to go.
She was replaced by a beautiful red matching set. The worst of it all is that pretty
new washer has not worked right since it came here to live and has had more repair visits
In a year than my old gold washer had in its lifetime…
I am beginning to understand the term High maintenance.

Congratulation on your
Achievement, the bottom of a laundry basket is a site to behold..


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Yey for empty laundry baskets!
And for long suffering washers that don't give out.

Funny post!

Carrie Harris said...

That's hilarious. I haven't seen the bottom of my laundry basket since the twins were born.

In fact, it reminds me that I should go put in a load already.

Kim Kasch said...

An illusive object in my home too. All three of my kids played multiple sports from soccer to basketball, tennis, track, crosscountry and my daughter still plays college basketball so I was doing at least 2 loads of laundry every day - shin guards, socks, shorts, practice jerseys, game jerseys, warmups, and that says nothing about the daily stuff - for years. Now it's trickled down to one load a day.

I'm making progress.

C.R. Evers said...

I've always wondered what the bottom of a laundry basket looked like. I used to know.

funny post! :0)


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It's running after 14 years? Hooray! And hooray for an empty laundry basket!!!

Brenda said...

lol...great story...congrats on the long running Stacky...When we built the house 3 years ago I told Hubs I was getting a king size washer and dryer and he had a fit...until I made him do laundry one day...then he was grateful the extra big tub so the laundry got done faster...grin...

adrienne said...

Louise - Wow, 24 years!
And I've had similar experiences with newer appliances - they just don't make stuff to last.

Becky - Right! You can't take that stuff for granted!

Carrie - If you're like me that wash you put in this morning is still waiting to go in the dryer.

Kim - You are a trooper!
I've always suspected that if everything were clean at once, we wouldn't have enough space to put it all away, anyway.

Christy - It's already just a memory for me, too!

Green Girl - Good thing the appliance has outlasted the empty basket!

Brenda - I hate to make Stacky jealous but...oh, to have a king size washer/dryer...maybe someday :)

PJ Hoover said...

And empty basket is a nice sight! And don't worry about the squeak. I bought a new one and it already has a small squeak. Keep the old one as long as possible!

Rena said...

Oh, this is a great post. Reminds me how our first washer & dryer set lasted 20 years. We were amazed. Hope you see that empty clothes hamper again soon. :)

sruble said...

Happy that you have an empty laundry basket and that your washer/dryer is still hanging on, despite the banshee screams.

If only we had a washer/dryer, then I would never have to go to the evil laundry room again, like I do some time this week. :P