Friday, October 24, 2008

Is I Boney-Fide?

The animal sanctuary finally came for a home visit and made Luna’s adoption official. Everyone was thrilled, except Corfu, who couldn’t believe we missed the opportunity to give her back.

Still, dogs these days! It’s so hard to get through to them. It’s like my words are falling on furry deaf ears.

In her defense, Luna’s been pretty good lately about not chewing up stuff that isn’t hers. Except that glove I caught her with. And the sock. It’s been a little touchy since that couch incident, but she’s been controlling herself pretty well.

One concept she doesn’t get is the kitchen counter is off limits. I could understand if she was sneaky about it, but I’ll be right there fixing something and she’ll come put her big fat paws right next to me as if to ask, “What we haffin’? Heh-heh.”

So I’ll say: Nothing, Luna. We’re not having anything. I’m making lunch.

And she’ll say: Kin I halp?

Me: No, you cannot help. You’re a dog.

Luna: Kin I haf salami?

Me: No, you can’t have salami.

Luna: Kin I haf cheese?

Me: No.

Luna: How bout sambie? I like salami sambie!

Me: No salami, no cheese, no salami sandwich! You are a dog. This is people food. Get off the counter!!!

Luna: So, I kin halp?

Sigh. See what I’m up against? Any suggestions?


C.R. Evers said...

You may want to work on her speech impediment. We wouldn't want all the other dogs to tease her and that would just make things worse! ;0)


Suzie said...

Give her the cheese!

adrienne said...

Christy - Ha! Maybe she'll grow out of it - hopefully along with her other bad habits.

Suzie - Okay, okay, but not the good stuff!

Rena said...


I love her speech impediment, btw, but it's making me LMAO still.

Kelly said...

Oh, Luna sounds so cute! Throw that dog a bone :0)

Brenda said...

I don't mean salami isn't good for puppies? Well that might explain the green fume following Koda...grin...

sruble said...

Congratulations on the adoption! Good luck with the counter.

Bish Denham said...

Luna sounds like she's quite intelligent. A strong "Down! No paws!" and a swat on the paws might help. Dogs also respond to loud unusual noises. If you don't want to swat her paws keep something like a soda can handy with some gravel in it. You can shake it at her telling her, "Down! No paws!" and remove her paws. Or drop the can on the floor using the same command and removing her paws. Every time she removes her paws on her own you need to praise her, pet her and tell her she's a good dog for taking her paws off the counter. "Good girl, no paws." You do have to be consistent and give her the same treatment everytime she puts her paws on the counter. You have to let her know you are displeased with paws on the counter and happy when paws are on the floor.

Because dogs want to please, it's the positive reinforcement when she does it right that will cement the behavior you want. And it's good to remind her when you leave the room or go out what behavior you want, "Luna," and you tap the counter, "No paws!" and maybe shake that can.

Good luck!

adrienne said...

Rena - I HAVE to laugh at her or I'll go nuts...

Kelly - She made short work of the last bone we gave her - see the picture! (That white fluff is the stuffing)

Brenda - Why do we love them so? Is it the tuna breath...the insolence...the fur all over the carpet...? I'll bet she and Koda would be good buddies, BTW:)

Sruble - Thanks! We'll need it.

Bish - Thanks so much for the input - obviously you've had experience! We've trained other dogs, but as you know they all have their unique personalities and quirks. We think Luna's part greyhound, so we're learning a lot about their what's-in-it-for-me attitude towards training! I will incorporate some of your suggestions.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Weird. My cat likes cheese, too. She'll literally beg for pieces of string cheese.

Kim Kasch said...

Congrats on the finalization!!!

We have a puppy too and I could swear she's part goat. She'll eat anything, including metal cans, wood. She's chewed up our back fence - twice. My husband's had to rebuild it to keep her contained. But enough about Sasha.

Puppies are a lot of fun.

LW said...


Luna is just too cute…and I know she will have a
long and happy life with you…


Carrie Harris said...

Uh... get her a little fridge for Christmas?

adrienne said...

Green Girl - So kitties like string in any form?

Kim - Luna and Sasha need a playdate!

Louise - Thanks for the good wishes!

Carrie - She'll want a toaster to go with that.