Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's Heebie-Jeebie Time

Halloween is just ten days away, so I thought I’d make a list of ten odd things that scare me. Of course I’m not talking about things like politicians and the state of the economy – those would be obvious and not odd. So here are the first ten odd things that popped into my head to give me goosebumps:

1. The cabinet under the sink in the kids’ bathroom.
2. The Snuggle fabric softener bear.
3. Cough drops. (Should you really put a choking hazard in your mouth during a fit of coughing?)
4. Grasshoppers, the drunken pilots of the bug world.
5. Botox.
6. Pink envelopes in the mailbox with the words Urgent Reminder on them.
7. Those three-way mirrors in dressing rooms.
8. That Ped-Egg commercial.
9. The thought that I might need a Ped-Egg.
10. The inside of a passion fruit.

What’s spooking you these days?


Brenda said...

I never thought about choking on a cough drop...now I will be scared of that...Some things that scare me:

I've always had a fear of zippers not working when you need them to...like being in a business meeting and the zipper on your pants won't zip back up...causing a drafty problem for all to see...

I'm scared of dollar bills that have writing on them...it is against the law to deface money and I just know the money police will pop up out of nowhere and arrest me for having money with someone elses writing on it...

I'm sure there is more, but I've scared myself so I have to check my zipper and money now...grin..

Rena said...

OMG -- I hate that commercial for the Ped-Egg thing. It grosses me out. All I can think of are foot skin scales floating throughout the room. BLECK!

I don't like worms. They give me the heebie-jeebies, bigtime. I'd rather hold a snake that be close to a worm. We had a worm come into our basement recently while it was raining. I'm not kidding, but that sucker was NINE inches long! **shudder**

And speaking of things like Botox and such, Meg Ryan's face kind of gives me the goosebumps. She used to be cute, but now she reminds me of Jack Nickleson's Joker character in Batman.

Kelly said...

The cough drops are so true...I recently gave my four year old one for the first time..he exclaimed, "Mom, I can't swallow it! It's too big!" Then I freaked out...I guess I didn't give him directions to suck on it, thank goodness he didn't choke!
Bats spook me...
Driving on a bridge over water also freaks me out a little.
LOL at the Ped Egg!!!

Kim Kasch said...

I haven't seen the Ped Egg - now I'm sooo curious.

I get the creeps when I go in my basement. I could tell stories about that part of my house. A man actually hung himself down there - of course before my parents bought the house - and before I bought the house from my parents. But maybe that's TMI.

Carrie Harris said...

Oh, that Ped-Egg is totally gross. Which makes me sound like a valley girl, but still. It is.

Bish Denham said...

Don't know about Ped-Egg. Sounds like a good thing too.

I'm not weirded out by much. I used to be terrified of spiders but I got over it. Bugs do not bother me, not even cockroaches. I love worms because without them the soil would be hard as a rock.

The only thing I can think of that makes me nervous is being alone during a bad storm.

adrienne said...

Brenda - I'm a zipper-checker, too. I probably didn't think of the cough drop thing 'til I had kids, but I did fall asleep with one once (also not recommended)!

Rena - Yikes - the faces of Hollywood get more bizarre all the time :O

Kelly - I'm that way with some bridges, too - especially driving on the outside lane.

Kim - Wow, that's quite a story! I'd be creeped out, too.

Carrie - I know, like, gag me with a spoon! ;)

Bish - Gee, sounds like you have no irrational fears...there's a reason to be afraid of big storms.

sruble said...

That is one scary list! Especially the Snuggle Bear. He has such an evil laugh! Ped-Eggs are pretty scary too.

The food my neighbors cook scares me. It either smells like they cooked 50 cloves of garlic (like today), or it smells like feet.

Centipedes and millipedes - nothing should have that many feet and be able to move that fast.

I'm going to stop there. Today is not a good day to ponder scary things like that, but bring on the Halloweeny things, they're fun, not scary.


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Suzie said...

I keep having nightamres about the pedi egg comercial

adrienne said...

Stephanie - Hooray! And so many fun choices!
Ooh, and I agree with the millipede thing. Yikes!

Suzie - I'm a little afraid of parmesan cheese now, too.

C.R. Evers said...

LOL! That's a great point about the cough drops/choking hazard!

Love the druken pilots of the insect world!

and ditto on the 3 way dressing room mirrors.