Sunday, June 28, 2009


Things to do:

Spend time with kids
Bake fruity things
Try to eat enough artichokes to be perfectly sick of them
Go to the beach
Try to leave some sand at the beach
Vacuum sand out of the carpet
And the car
And the closet
And the couch
And the refrigerator
Paint the kids’ rooms
Watch embarrassing reality TV but try to pretend I don't
Grill stuff
Read War and Peace
Or not
Keep plugging away at picture books
Keep trying to habilitate this one:

What’s not high up on my summer to do list? Blogging. I notice things have slowed down in Blogtown, so I’m probably not the only one finding reasons to step away from the computer. I’m going to try to post something once a week or so ‘til September (I can’t stay away from it altogether). I'm sure I'll keep popping in on everyone, too, can only watch so much reality TV. And I'd miss corresponding with everyone.

So, what’s on your to do list for the summer?


Ocean Girl said...

Living in the tropics where summer is all year long, our "summer" is in December during the one an half month school break....list of things to do: same. Well reality tv season starts in March and ends in late May - the Idol season.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

That doggie pic is hilarious.
My list is much like yours. Add in "finish recovering the couch that I started a year and a half ago." And paint over where Tanner tried to eat the walls.

LW said...

Love the dog picture too cute…
This summer we are
painting our bedroom, I need to get this project done…
If my daughter decides to transfer to a new school I will be apartment hunting in Boston…
Our pockets are small and her ideas are big…

Enjoy your summer,

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

It's always summer in Malaysia ! So, there's lots of activities to do - it's finding the time and energy to do them all! One of them is gardening :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

your list seems very reasonable for summer time! except the TV. i do without mostly in the summer.

Linda Crispell said...

We share the same list with the exception of War and Peace. Enjoy your summer!

Shelli said...

prepare for K (Yes I need to mentally prepare)
go to LA

ICQB said...

Hope you have a great summer crossing off all of your "to do" things!

Awww, I'm sure doggie rehabilitation won't take the whole summer with such a cute subject : ) Your picture cracks me up!

PJ Hoover said...

I seem to be on the once a week schedule for summer, too. Just not enough free time without kids.
Sounds like your summer is going great!

Ara Burklund said...

Artichokes for dinner tonight!!! : )_

adrienne said...

Ocean Girl - It sounds lovely there. It's not quite summer all year, here - but close enough.
I like Idol, too!:)

Becky - I covered a couch once - and will never again! Good luck with that project.

Louise - Apartment hunting...that's a big project! Hope it works out well for everyone.

Keats - I've seen pictures of your beautiful garden. It does seem like paradise where you are!

Green Girl - I try to just watch TV when I'm too tired to think or do anything else (at least in the summer). LOST is the one I go out of my way to see...

Linda - I'm only starting it because my daughter just read it! :)

Shelli - I probably should know this, but K is...kindergarten? That is something to mentally prepare for!

ICQB - This dog somehow replaces one bad habit with another (not to mention reverting to some old ones)...lucky for her she is very sweet. :)

PJ - Summer deserves to be slower paced, anyway. :)

Ara - I looked for some today, but they weren't on sale! :(
Maybe next week...

Suzanne Casamento said...

I'm dying to know what bad reality TV you're watching. Probably because I'm totally guilty of watching my own.

Hope you have fun at the beach and baking yummy things and eating all those artichokes!

Kelly said...

Your dog's mugshot is hilarious!
I've hardly had time to write and obviously blogging less,too.
We've been swimming, spending lots of time with relatives, going to baseball games. I've hardly been home!

MG Higgins said...

As someone who's just taken a summer break, I totally relate. The doggie mug shot gave me a great morning laugh. Good luck with the training!

Kim Kasch said...

We must have a lot in common-good and bad. I love artichokes :) and my dog eats the shooz :(

Rena said...

Great list and I love the dog picture. So funny!

My list is --
2008-09 yearbooks
2 week vacation in SoCA
take a few hikes
take more pictures
sell more books
book signings

adrienne said...

Suzanne - It's good we don't have cable - at least my choices are limited! We watched I'm a Celebrity..., something I NEVER thought I'd sit through. It was mindless fun...

Kelly - How fun to be on the go sometimes. Then you appreciate home even more when things quiet down.

MG - Thanks for the good wishes for doggie training - I need a little luck, and tons of patience!

Kim - Some dogs have WAY too much energy...
At least mine's kept her paws off the artichokes - then she'd really be in trouble!

Rena - You'll be busy! And close to my stomping ground, too, it sounds like.

C.R. Evers said...

LOL! I luv your list! You crack me up.

I haven't been able to blog or make blog rounds as much as I used to either. I'm taking time to do that today.

Anne Spollen said...

Hopefully, nothing. Or whatever comes along -- that's the perfect summer.

Lily Cate said...

First, submissions. That's summer goal #1.
Then, as little TV as possible.
We thought about none at all, and then settled on one show per day. Hey, Wipeout is back on, and I thought that would wear out it's welcome pretty fast, but actually, no. It's still pretty funny.

Paris said...

hahahaha LOVE the rehabilitate this one. Adore! =) Hey...funny I need to do that with mine, too!

adrienne said...

Christy - I hope that means you're having a fun summer!

Anne - Hopefully "whatever comes along" is fun, relaxing, cheap, self-cleaning...

Lily - I forgot about Wipeout! It is pretty funny, but I'm always afraid someone's going to break their neck on those bouncy balls.

Paris - Good luck with your own doggy rehab. :)

Debbie said...

Things have slowed down on here and I am so glad! I am so far behind but life beckons!

Mary Witzl said...

You can't eat too many artichokes to get sick of them. I know: I've tried!

adrienne said...

Debbie - When life beckons you have to answer! Hope it means you are enjoying yourself... :)

Mary - It's true, isn't it? I'll enjoy trying, anyway.