Friday, July 27, 2012

When So-So Will Have to Do

Here's the first of nearly 300 slides I want to put in a family slide show. It's my mom at her bridal shower. Nice haul, by the way - just look at that bin full of gifts! Unfortunately, this slide show has been far too long in the making.

During one rainy summer in Long Island, I went through thousands of old family slides (about 25 years worth) and narrowed them down to two slide reels. We got out my parents' dusty old projector, put on some music, and showed them on a bare white wall by the staircase. Then I carted them home with plans to scan them and create a DVD, music and all, to share with the family. Another great project for a rainy day.

That was eight years ago. Obviously we don't get many rainy days here. We've had our share of stormy times, though, and the slides were left to gather dust under my bed.

I finally dragged them out and enlisted my son's help in scanning them. He tore through both reels in a matter of days. Too bad we didn't notice in time that our scanner doesn't go up to a high enough dpi to make good quality scans from slides. Now I have to decide whether or not to go ahead with the project as is, hoping to pass off that grainy, old-timey look as "arty." I had to add a large black border to prevent the image from being blown up far enough to look like a hot mess of colored tiles.

So, what'll it be? Is a half-baked slide show better than no slide show at all? I could wait until I can afford to have them professionally done. Or I could wait until I can afford a new slide scanner AND find time to scan them all over again. I have a feeling if I wait for either of these options, the project will be on hold until we're all too old to remember who the heck any of those people are.


Bish Denham said...

I say definitely keep what you've got, even scan more and preserve them on a CD then work towards getting a new scanner. Even if it isn't a large picture, at lease you have it saved somewhere. Slides can be damaged, and then you wouldn't have them at all.

Looks like that corsage is so big and heavy it's dragging down on her dress top. Great picture.

Kelly Polark said...

THis is an important project to finish.
I don't know which you should do though! Definitely make a CD so it is preserved like Bish said!

Ara Burklund said...

It's awesome you're taking the time to preserve family memories! Such a huge undertaking!!! Good luck with the equipment! Something is definitely better than nothing, so don't feel bad. ; )

ICQB said...

A half-baked slideshow is definitely better than nothing you and your son should congratulate yourselves. Do you know how many people plan to do this and never do? We are legion. A day may come in the future when everything will come together magically for you to do a re-do - but until such a time, enjoy what you've already done. I don't think you'll regret it.