Friday, November 18, 2011

My Home Page...For Now

It's been forever since I posted - I thought I should at least put a link to my new portfolio.

Last semester I was enrolled in a web development class, but another one of life's little setbacks forced me to drop it. My goal of designing a website for myself had to wait - so in the meantime I decided to use one of the free portfolio websites. I looked at a few and decided I liked deviantArt's daportfolio. Their layout is clean and simple, and it's easy to use - great if you need a place to show your work (and you're short on time and money).

I'm still updating it as I finish new pieces, but you can click the link to check it out:

I still check up on my blog friends in my reader every so often, even though I don't get around to posting/commenting as much. I feel like such a lurker! Hope everyone's getting ready for a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday.


Kim Kasch said...

I love your art. I'd say you weren't just good at something - you're great!

My sons post on deviantart too :)

Rena said...

I love it. Your style has changed since I first met you online, but I still love it just as much. I love the dress shop image! :)

ICQB said...

I love the website! Scrolling through the different things, I noticed the Case Western Reserve wireless health pamphlet. I didn't know CWR had a campus in California - their main campus is 40 min. away from me in Cleveland, and in the 1800's the school was actually based in my little town of Hudson. They left behind their fabulous brick-building campus when they moved at it has become a private high school, sort of like Hogwarts : )

Suzanne Casamento said...

Your portfolio looks awesome! I love your illustrations and I knew you did them. But I had no idea about the design side. Good to know!

Fantastic work!

Ara Burklund said...

Beautiful work, Adrienne! Glad to see it organized online. Hope it brings new projects your way! : )

Adrienne said...

Kim - Thank you!
I have yet to post any "deviations" - but I like browsing through their site.

Rena - It's funny, my first sketches still look pretty much the same, but they take on a different direction depending on what medium I use.

Linda - I think the first photo I saw from Case Western was the Peter B. Lewis building - now that's quite a first impression! In San Diego there's no physical campus, but they recently started offering some specialized classes here.

Suzanne - The dreamer in me wants a steady stream of illustration work, but the practical me would be happy just having steady work.

Ara - Thanks! I hope so too!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Your portfolio is wonderful! I love the dressmaker's scene!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. :D

C.R. Evers said...

I love your style! So fun and chic! You raWk!

oceangirl said...

It is a beautiful website Adrienne. Congratulations. And your design work is really good.

Mary Witzl said...

My daughter LOVES DeviantArt and has her own work displayed there (mainly designs and photography). Your style is clean, colorful, and eye-catching -- I like it a lot.