Friday, January 14, 2011

Kitchen Help

There must be something to learn from this. One evening I pose the question: What should I make for dinner tonight?

To which CHILD #1 (a.k.a. Daughter) responds: Nothing.
Which probably means: Please do not bother me with mundane things. I am far too busy to be inconvenienced by such pedestrian matters. Can’t you see I’m texting? Geez. U r so lame.

And then CHILD #2 (a.k.a. Son) answers: FOOD!
Translation: FOOD! What else? Can’t you see I’m in the middle of an EPIC video game battle?

Die, zombie robot, die!!

(Question – Is it just me, or is it really necessary to have a being that is both a zombie AND a robot? Aren’t robots already kinda dead? Anyhoo…)

At this point THE FEATHERED ONE (a.k.a. Corfu) says:

Translation: Pizza! Pizza pizza pizza pizza! PEEEEEEEEEEEEEET-Zuh!!!

And that outburst is quickly followed up with:

Meaning: Head rub now? Promise I won’t bite. This time. Heh heh.

And then I give up and rummage through the freezer for Hot Pockets.

NOTE: I should explain the sloppy art: I just bought new software so I can do my homework at home, and I need to learn it. So now goofing around = practice. And practice = dumb stuff I can post on my blog! Hooray!

Also, I should point out that my kids are actually pretty helpful. But boy, timing is everything. Corfu, on the other hand, hardly ever lifts a finger around here (but occasionally bites one).


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Your computer art is great!
And I HATE the question of what to make for dinner--it's never an easy answer.

Kelly said...

Way to explore with the computer art!
I was just rummaging through the fridge wondering what to make tonight. I decided we are having cereal, because tomorrow I know we will be eating junk food at a college bball game and pizza later. :) Oh, and no dirty pans or pots to clean too.

Ara Burklund said...

I like your computer art, Adrienne! Funny story, too. I don't ask my kids what they want for dinner anymore. If they had their way, I'd be a short order cook, since they all usually want something different.

Nora MacFarlane said...

Ugh. The dinner question. We pretty much have a sit down dinner most nights. I like to cook, but sometimes a change in routine is good -like pizza!

Your computer art is fun!

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

We eat in most days. Am lucky to have maid who is of much help. As for eating out, the choices are too many and to avoid indecisiveness, we try to agree before leaving the house.

Ocean Girl said...

Hey that is a great comic strip!

Hello Adrienne, Happy New Year. I am not certain if I had been your way to say hello and to tell that I am back at blogging. It is really nice to be able to visit.

ICQB said...

Ooh! Playing around with new art-y software is fun! (When it doesn't get the better of you and give you headaches - which is what happens to me).

I love the pics! Have fun with the software!

C.R. Evers said...

I love the computer art. I hate figuring out what to make for dinner too. I usually just throw stuff in a crock pot and let the ingredients negotiate on the outcome.

The bird's Pizza, Pizza, Pizza suggestions is making me hungry.

blueviolet said...

I agree that zombie robots are not necessary. I love your computer images!

Silicon Valley Diva said...

Hate, hate, HATE deciding what to make for dinner! I'm stumped right now on what to make tonight.
Love the artwork!

Anne Spollen said...

The key is to go to one of those BIG stores where the packages are big and the customers are usually bigger. Get the giant box of Hot Pockets, a giant bag of salad and a huge bin of ice cream. You have all the food groups covered that way.

And your artwork is great!