Friday, January 23, 2009

Four Left Paws

I told myself I wouldn’t make any more posts about Luna for a while, because how much should you really blog about your pets? I know… I need to get out more. But I have to get this one in.

Luna has to be the clumsiest dog ever. My mom had a Great Dane that knocked himself out running full speed into a telephone pole. I think Luna is even more of a klutz.

Maybe we should have realized this when, shortly after we brought her home, she tripped and sprained her leg stepping up onto the curb. Or by the way she pounces onto her dinner bowl and skates across the floor, smashing into the kitchen cabinets. Or how she sometimes leans against the sides of her crate and knocks it over onto its side. Then there was that time we let her run around a tennis court with another dog. She got so excited she leapt into the air, and landed right into a trash can.

When I take her for a walk, she gets so ecstatic at the sight of another dog coming her way, she jumps four feet straight into the air, flips over and lands flat on her back. She scrambles back up, limping but still trying to contain herself, while I try to slink away, wondering why I parade such an undignified animal around the neighborhood.

Take her most recent demonstration of agility. We were out for our morning walk, strolling along as usual. Luna stepped off the sidewalk into the dirt. She sniffed around for just the right spot. Delicately, she perched herself in order to, um…take care of her usual morning business. And then the big dum-dum lost her balance and toppled right over into the bushes.

Yes, Luna has invented the Squat, Drop, and Roll. Good thing she’s not a boy dog. I don’t think there’s any way she could handle balancing on three legs.


Kelly said...

Luna sounds like a lovable, clumsy dog! I love dogs, so I enjoy reading about Luna!!

ICQB said...

Yikes! I have two pet posts in a row - talk about having to get out more...

Luna sounds 100% lovable.

And I don't think her jumping straight up at the sight of another dog as undignified - she's just so excited by the thought of maybe making a new friend that she can't keep it in.

Kim Kasch said...

Clumsy?...Maybe she just needs glasses. Oh, I know that sounds silly and would look even worse - so, what about contacts?...


LW said...

Did you think Luna could be related to Clifford the Big red dog…?


C.R. Evers said...

LOL! Hey, if the pet is worth blogging about, why fight it? She sounds like she's worth it! LOL. Thanks for the giggles. :0D


Mary Witzl said...

I feel so ashamed: I laughed out loud at the part about her running into a telephone pole. And I thought I had the only dog (years ago) who could jump four feet straight into the air.

My cousin had an Irish setter who invariably chose clumps of cactus when he wanted to do his business, time after time. She used to feel so silly out there on the street, trying to disentangle bits of cactus from his private parts in full view of passers-by.

3rdEyeMuse said...

oh my! I nearly pee's my pantsies! she sounds like a real charmer. :)

Rena said...

LOLOLOL! I could just picture that scene of her seeing another dog and freaking out so much that she falls of her back. She sounds adorable!

PJ Hoover said...

Aren't dogs awesome! So when do we get the tortoise post?

Angela said...

oh! I adore your dog!

We had a cat named Luna (she had a white moon on her chest) and our eye dr has a big dog in his shop also named Luna.

Glad ur Luna has such a zest for life!

adrienne said...

Kelly - She's a giant goofball, but we love her!

ICQB - I actually LOVE reading about people's pets. Hey, if someone doesn't like it, there are about a billion other blogs they can read.

Kim - She goes nuts if she sees an ant walk across the floor...I think her eyesight is fine! I'm sure there's some sight hound in her :)

Louise - We joke about that! I love Clifford.

Christy - Yeah, she might be the sweetest dog I've had :)

Mary - Oh, your poor friend! I've had similar experiences, but believe me it would be too much info!

3rdEyeMuse - Oh, your comment made me laugh! Yes, she's a clown.

Rena - That kind of enthusiasm is inspiring, isn't it?

PJ - I have posted about him...I'm sure it's under 'wild things' but I'd have to find the link. Eh, he'll make another appearance, I'm sure!

Angela - Luna is a great name...but my brother thinks we should add a 'cy' at the end :)

Paris said...

Oh my god...I laughed so hard. :) Lunda reminds me of my Brendel who just bolts from one room to the a sudden explosion of energy...he'll weave in and out of table legs a few times...then WHAM...head first into the coffee table. :P I like reading pet stories.

Brenda said... adorable...I love pet stories so I hope you keep 'em comin'...grin...

Bish Denham said...

I am so laughing! There's nothing like having a clown in the family. And I don't think there's any such thing as too many pet stories.

Anne Spollen said...

Awww, she sounds like a lot of fun.

We had this beautiful, all white cat with long Angora hair. She fell off couches, walked into the toilet bowl base, missed steps on the stairs, and when she chased her toy on a string, she would fall sideways. We thought she had a brain tumor, but she died of natural causes last year - at the age of 23.

adrienne said...

Paris - Brendel sounds like a ball of fun, too :)

Brenda - I really like pet stories, too...and some pets provide more material than others.

Bish - Clown is the right word :D

Anne - What a great story. But shame on her for worrying you like that!

Vodka Mom said...

She sounds fantastic! We brought our dog Abbott home from the pound after Sassy dropped her on her head. We decided that if Sassy ruined her, we might as well be the ones taking care of her.


adrienne said...

Vodka Mom - LOL! As they break it, you buy it.
(Hope Abbott turned out OK)