Friday, July 25, 2008

Our Summer Project

This is our five-month old rescue puppy, Luna, and the reason I am not getting a lot of work done on my portfolio. According to the kids, her full name is Luna "Shmelly" Spalko. The last name refers to the evil villainess Irina Spalko of the recent Indiana Jones movie, and the middle name is self-explanatory. Here’s what we’ve learned so far:

1. When a puppy spends its first four months of life in a kennel, it is very difficult to housebreak.
2. It is impossible to keep an all white dog white.

Luna’s a lab mix, and we’ve been entertaining ourselves with guessing what she might be mixed with. We only know that the mom is a lab. She looks a little like Wishbone, and a little like the RCA dog. But she’s got the pointy nose and big hare paws of a greyhound. All we can figure is that her dad was very smitten by the lab next door, and must have been a very good fence jumper. Now that I think of it, Luna does look a little like a kangaroo.

This is the least blurry picture I could find. Notice the two tails. Imagine two little horns to go with them. Every evening at about 7:45 she becomes a demon from hell and rips through the house like a rabid wolf. We just let her go ‘til she burns herself out, which thankfully is usually around 7:48.

Our motto for the summer: Luna did it.
The question: When will she behave?

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