Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Basics

It started with the leftover Halloween pumpkin (the one no one wanted to carve). I couldn't let it go to waste, so I roasted it up. Boy, you get a lot of puree out of one of those babies.

Pumpkin + orange + chocolate chips = delicious. Just the thing to get things rolling.

Speaking of getting things rolling, look what you can make with a magazine, some glue, and a sudden burst of holiday spirit (fueled by pumpkin cake). I was planning to paint it, but I loved all the colors. It would look better against a bright red door, but mine will do.

I think my paper rolling inspired my son to do some paper folding. He made me the cool origami wreath above...

...and this awesome little tree! He has more patience than I do.

Here's a trio of frosty trees made from scraps I found in the garage,

and one with pipe-cleaner snowflakes to light up the entryway.

Sometimes it's fun to use what you've got.

It also helps to have a tree that bears gifts,

and snow in the local mountains!

Plus, I've still got four cups of pumpkin left.

Hope you are all brimming with holiday cheer! Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Be Merry and Bright

From the looks of things around the neighborhood and the blogosphere, I’m way behind in holiday preparations. In an effort to muster up some extra spirit, I spent my last class period doodling snowflakes and reindeer.

Are the decorations up? Nope. Cookies made? No, and most of the chocolate chips are already gone. Maybe we can eat the ingredients separately this year. Have I gotten my holiday shopping done? Bahahaha…

What I do have is a drawing of three birdies riding on a reindeer. Yessiree, I could cross that off my holiday to-do list, if: a) I had prepared a holiday to-do list; and b) that list included a drawing of three birdies riding a reindeer.

I think I earned the right to spend my last design class doodling. Yesterday my teacher informed me that in twenty years of teaching, I’m his first student to earn a perfect score on every assignment. Aha! It turns out I do pay attention to details.

On another note, it has occurred to me that Santa pulls one all-nighter a year, and he gets all the glory. I really don’t think the elves get the credit they deserve.